Art Noir Tattoo Towels Case (12bags of 150) 1800 Towels 100 Series

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Art Noir Tattoo Towels Case (12bags of 150) 1800 Towels

Art Noir® Tattoo Towels specifically designed for the Art Noir® by TASKBrand® Tattoo
Towel Dispenser

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Adenna has identified challenges within the tattooing process using roll paper towels. We have
designed and created a new Tattoo Towel Dispensing System and Tattoo Towels that will help
streamline the tattooing process. This new Tattoo Towel Dispensing System will help save you
time, money and keep your working environment clean and sanitary. We have 2 different types of
Tattoo Towels, the Regular Tattoo Towel and the Premium Tattoo Towel.
-Superior to kitchen paper towels
-Lower lint than typical paper towels
-Unique stretch and softness
-No needle clogging
-Great wet & dry strength
-High Absorption Capacity
-Soft cloth-like feel
-Tattoo, Piercing & PMU
-No more pre-stacking or prep
-Fewer sheets used per session
-Reduced storage footprint
-Minimize overall waste
-Saves time & money
-Fewer unexpected glove changes

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