Latex & Nitrile Gloves

At Darkside Tattoo Supply, we carry only high quality glove brands. Our customer favorites are Adenna and Dash gloves, which are suitable for tattoo artists, doctors, mechanics, and all trade professions. We offer both medical grade nitrile and latex gloves.

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What is the difference between latex and nitrile gloves?

The main differences are in material and protection. 

Latex gloves, such as the Adenna Phantom exam gloves, are made from natural rubber. They are ideal for Tattoo & Piercing, Cosmetologists, Automotive & Aerospace repair, Industrial & Manufacturing, Hunting & fishing, Corrections & First Responders, Contractor supply, Marine, and Safety. Latex gloves have also been proven to protect from both viruses and bacteria.

Adenna latex gloves are powder free and contain the lowest allowable protein claim by the FDA, to minimize possible allergies. They provide excellent comfort and “memory”, ensuring a great fit.  These Adenna gloves have received some of the highest ratings from the tattoo, piercing, body artists and high-end hair salon and beauty professionals. 

The distinctly dark black gloves stand out and mask stains, ink and dyes during use.  Also, their textured surface provides superior grip in both wet and dry applications.

Nitrile gloves, such as the Adenna Shadow and Dash Alasta gloves, are made from a synthetic rubber (Acrylonitrile Butadiene). Therefore, nitrile gloves do not contain latex.  With being 100% rubber latex free it eliminates potential allergic reactions to latex protein. 

Nitrile gloves have the advantage over standard latex in that they are puncture resistant and are more suitable for use with harsh chemicals and dyes. They provide the highest level of protection and durability in a disposable glove. Nitrile gloves are most commonly used in the Automotive & Aerospace, Tattoo & Piercing, Corrections & First Responders, Industrial & Manufacturing, Safety, Mortuary, Contractor Supply, Oil & gas, Healthcare, Hunting & Fishing, Painting, Laboratory, Plumbing / HVAC / MRO, Food Processing, and Cosmetology industries.

Regardless of whether you chose latex or nitrile, when you purchase from Darkside Tattoo Supply, you can be confident you’re purchasing the best brands and highest quality gloves.